Xiaomi's Redmi Smartphone will hit the Redmi Laptop

Xiaomi's Redmi Smartphone will hit the Redmi Laptop

After launching Mi Notebook Air 12.5-Inch (2019), Xiaomi has also released two new types of notebook laptops. Xiaomi's MI Notebook Air 13.3-inch (2019) and MI Notebook 15.6-inch (2019) will be released. Both laptops will come with Intel Core i5 CPU and 8 GB RAM. MI Notebook 15.6 (2019) is currently only available in China. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi's sub-brand Redmi Redmi will also sell redmi laptops with its smartphone Redmi X in China.

Notebook price can be as much as the price of this laptop
According to a report, the company can introduce a new redmi laptop with redmi flagship phone in the market. There is a possibility that the redemption laptop may be introduced at a lower cost from Xiaomi Mi Notebook. It can be brought with a plastic body.

Speaking of Redmi X, there will be Snapdragon 855 processor. In Rear, Triple Camera Setup and Self Cameras can be up to 32 megapixels. Redmi laptop Xiaomi Mi Notebook can be presented at a low price. The phone can be presented in three colors. The phone's screen will also be 6.39 inches. As well as using the Android 9 Pie 9 operating system.

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